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April Business Spotlight

On behalf of the Vermillion County Chamber of Commerce, congratulations to MSI Construction, Inc. on 61 years of success here in Vermillion County. MSI Construction, Inc. was founded in April of 1957 by Irvin M. Major. Formally, Major & Son’s Construction grew from one man operation into one of Western Indiana’s largest construction companies.

During the 1950's and 1960's, Major Construction Company was building a variety of public and private projects. The company also began to specialize in large commercial and industrial buildings, including pre-engineered metal buildings, which was becoming a low cost and functional alternative to conventional material and design. In the 1970's the company began to expand its vision into the design and build market. With the business expanding into the general construction and build area, Irvin Major decided to change the company name to Major & Son's, Inc. General Contractors to reflect the primary operation of the company. Major & Son's performed work for the U.S. Government, Corp of Engineers, State of Indiana, Local Government Agencies, Public Utilities, and Private Industry. Major & Son’s was a competitive bid and design-build contractor until 1994, when it's founder and president retired.

In February 1994, the company was renamed MSI Construction, Inc. by the founder's two sons, John V. Major and Irvin A. (Tony) Major, the second generation of builders and contractors. MSI Construction, Inc. was formed to perform construction services for design-build and project management. As the economy prospered, MSI Construction, Inc. began to expand out into the competitive bid and private construction market, performing as a full service general contractor, constructing Commercial & Industrial projects in the states of Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan.