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April Luncheon

Heather Reininga was the guest speaker at the Vermillion County Chamber of Commerce's luncheon on Tuesday. Heather is the director of marketing and admissions at Clinton Gardens. Clinton Gardens is a local facility offering rehab-to-home, memory care, long term care, Hospice care, and respite care. They currently have 100 beds in their facility. The Gardens currently also offers community events at their facility. A few of these events include Designer Bag Bingo, Cottage Connections, and Senior Bingo. For more information on Clinton Gardens or the events they hold, feel free to contact the Chamber of Commerce or Heather Reininga at Clinton Gardens.

Pictured are front, left to right: Stephanie Laws, speaker Heather Reininga, Lori Bouslog, and Susie Jones. Middle: Jack Jones, Phil Cox, Robert Lindsey Jr., Joanie Kanizer, Sheryl McDaniel, Amy Smith, and Melissa Gelinas. Back: Bob Burkett, Kyle Stephenson, Cole Lewis, Bob Grewe, and Angie Brewer.

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