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March Business Spotlight

Scott Oil Inc. started their business in 1942 serving Vermillion and surrounding counties with gasoline, fuel oil, and diesel fuel. In 1957, propane gas was added to the operation. At the time, the business was owned by Jack C. Scott and Evelyn F. Scott. In 1963 after graduating from Indiana State University, John W. Scott joined his parents in the business. In 1964, John married Diane D. Scott and she joined the organization. In 1975, Jack Scott retired and the business continued under the leadership of John and Diane Scott. In 1990 after graduating from Indiana State University, Brent A. Scott joined his parents in the daily operation of the business. It was at this time that Brent took over the remodeling of the self-service car wash on the corner of 8th and Elm St. Brent came up with the name Hoosier Suds Car Was. In 1995, Brent married Cristi L. Montgomery-Scott and she joined the company. From there, Brent took car washing for his customers to another level by adding a new one bay touchless automatic car wash to the 9th and Vine St. location. It was well received and a few years later, Brent decided to add a second bay to the operation. In doing so, customers were in and out much faster with a clean automobile or truck. The car washes are currently open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with weather permitting. The self-service car wash doesn’t close, however the automatic car wash must close when the temperature drops to 20 degrees or below. Each location offers products and vacuums to give your car an extra touch if you would like to use them to make the car wash complete. Scott Oil Inc. currently employs thirty people, and several of them work to keep the car wash part of the operation in perfect working order. Having good leadership and loyal, hard-working employees is the key to operating a successful business. Employees at Scott Oil Inc. and Hoosier Suds Car Wash are going strong and plan to for many years to come. Improvements are constantly made to meet the needs of customers and Brent Scott makes sure Hoosier Suds always uses the best products available to keep our customers please with their finished product, a sparkling clean vehicle. Scott Oil Inc. is proud to have been a member of what is now The Vermillion County Chamber of Commerce since it began. With unity comes success. 72 years have passed since Scott Oil Inc. began doing business in Clinton, Indiana. One thing that has never changed is their dedication to customers. The combination of loyal employees and customers is vital to the end result of happy employees and happy customers.

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