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February Luncheon 2018

Guest speaker Stephanie Laws

The guest speaker at our February luncheon was new Union Hospital Clinton administrator Stephanie Laws. Stephanie began working at Union Hospital Clinton (UHC) in 1997 when it was still known as West Central Community Hospital. She has worked as night supervisor, emergency critical care, and is continuously challenging herself to take on higher positions. By obtaining Federal grants, Laws was able to start a telehealth program. In 2013, she became the executive director of the rural health in Terre Haute while still maintaining her position with the telehealth. She has worked with various chambers of commerce, Terre Haute's economic development center, the city of Terre Haute, along with several other groups to continue to strive for the best care when providing health and wellness within the community. As the new administrator, Stephanie says she is taking the position with a strategy. She wants to invest in the people. She looks to improve areas such as quality and service, hitting targets, and care provided. The long term goal Laws has for Union Hospital Clinton is to continue to develop relationships within the community between physicians, doctors, etc.

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