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August Luncheon 2017

The guest speaker for August was Bob Grewe, the new executive director of the Vermillion Rise Mega Park. The mega park has more than 7,000 acres and offers rail services, electrical services, natural gas, large volumes of high quality water, and a remote location. The park now has a shell building available as well with ceilings up to 32 ft and building designs that can easily be changed to fit a company's need. Grewe says that marketing the park and its' resources will be key in furthering the economic development. The Mega Park is partnered with Duke Energy, CSX, the Vermillion County Economic Development Council, and Accelerate which have all played a key part in developing the park.

Pictured from left to right are front: Art Lindsay (board member), Tom Clark, speaker Bob Grewe, Paul Utterback (board member), Steven Large, and Yale Yager. Middle: Leonard Akers, Don Scott, Elizabeth Fugate, Kandee Cook, Joanie Kanizer (vice president), Jessi Purcell (treasurer), Laury Burris, and Erin Lucas. Back: Robert Lindsey, Jon Beardsley (board member), Tonya Short, John Lang, Jack Jones (secretary), Henry Antonini, Bob Burkett (president), and Jordan Isaacs.

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