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July Luncheon 2017

Speaking at our July monthly luncheon was Josh Zuerner, president of Joink LLC. He spoke about the recent work done within the Clinton community. The new fiber optic line begins in Terre Haute and travels to Clinton, and will eventually go to Rockville and Cayuga. From Union Hospital to Union Hospital Clinton (166,000 ft), a signal can be sent in 4/10ths of a microsecond with Joink fiber optic lines. Joink fiber optic being installed is a great economic development for all of Vermillion County as it allows better connectivity during storms and other conditions.

Pictured are from left to right: Speaker Josh Zuerner, Jack Jones (secretary), Art Lindsay (board member), Bob Burkett (president), Heather Reininga, Robert Lindsey, and Paul Utterback (board member).

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