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April luncheon 2017

Michael Tindera was the guest speaker for April for the Chamber of Commerce. Tindera is the starter of a local tennis program for the youth of Vermillion County. His program began the summer of 2016 and was a great success. 80+ kids were a part of his program. The program will continue this summer and winter. It is for children ages 4-9 and takes place at the Clinton Recreation Center (CRC) on Saturday mornings. In it's first year, Mr. Tindera's program was one of the largest youth tennis programs in Indiana. Sign ups open in May for this years program.

Pictured from left to right are Wendi Hinesley (board member), Paul Utterback (board member), Art Lindsay (board member), Joanie Kanizer (vice president), Bob Burkett (president), Michael Tindera (guest speaker), Jon Beardsley (board member), Jessi Purcell (treasurer), and Jack Jones (secretary).

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