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Since its establishment in 1953, our unwavering mission has been to foster business development, not only within the bounds of Clinton but also across the vibrant tapestry of Vermillion County, encompassing its outlying communities. Our relentless dedication lies in cultivating an environment that nurtures economic growth and prosperity for all.

Our organization, comprised of businesses, industry, professionals, and community groups, is driven by a shared purpose - to foster the economic growth and well-being of our community, ultimately enhancing the quality of life for our residents. At the core of our operations, the chamber assumes the vital role of an information hub, catering not only to the needs of local inhabitants but also extending its reach to neighboring communities.

As individuals migrate into our community, we stand poised to provide support, addressing their inquiries regarding the local businesses and organizations that enrich our region. The Vermillion County Chamber of Commerce stands as a beacon, welcoming residents, business owners, and visitors of Vermillion County, Indiana. It is our inherent duty to extend a warm embrace to new residents and enterprises, facilitating their integration into our vibrant tapestry.

Now, let us delve into the historical roots that have shaped our present. Once known as the Exchange Club, a collective of local merchants came together, forming a network of businesses that not only served one another but also contributed to the greater welfare of our community. However, in 1953, the Exchange Club gracefully dissolved, making way for the birth of our inaugural and sole Chamber of Commerce. Geared toward serving the southern half of the county, the Clinton Chamber embarked on a journey of information dissemination and support, hosting events that not only enriched our collective spirit but also invigorated the local economy.

In the early years of the new millennium, the Vermillion County Improvement Association slipped into a period of dormancy. Seizing the opportunity, the Clinton Chamber of Commerce assumed the roles and responsibilities of the VCIA, effectively addressing issues in the northern half of the county. With no opposition in sight, the Clinton Chamber seamlessly adopted its new title, becoming the Greater Clinton Chamber of Commerce, thus embracing a broader scope of influence and accountability.

But the story doesn't end there. In 2017, the chamber board, driven by an unwavering commitment to our community's progress, made a resolute decision to expand our roles and duties even further. Thus, under the new banner of the Vermillion County Chamber of Commerce, we embarked on a new chapter, ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, ensuring the continued growth and prosperity of our beloved region.

Together, as we navigate this journey, powered by a sense of social capital and community engagement, let us forge a path that fosters unity, collaboration, and a brighter future for all residents, business owners, and visitors of Vermillion County.

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Monthly Luncheon

Monthly Luncheon

Held on the SECOND TUESDAY of each month

Immersed in the vibrant spirit of community engagement, the Vermillion County Chamber of Commerce orchestrates monthly networking luncheons, where businesses and community members converge for an enriching experience. These gatherings serve as a platform for connection, where the collective wisdom and insights of esteemed guest speakers take center stage. From the mayor to new and seasoned business owners, and even esteemed Congressmen, these luminaries grace our luncheons, offering brief yet captivating presentations.

Mark your calendars, for these gatherings commence at the stroke of noon, unfolding within the welcoming confines of Paradise Bowl & Pizza (1702 E State Rd. 163, Clinton, IN 47842). And here's the best part - these luncheons are OPEN to the public! So, whether you're a passionate business owner, a community member eager to forge connections, or simply an individual seeking inspiration, we extend an open invitation to join us as we foster camaraderie and knowledge-sharing in our vibrant community.

For more information about events, or to RSVP for one, please contact the Chamber at


Office hours currently vary, however appointments can be made by emailing

Clinton Fountain


P.O. Box 7
407 S Main St
Clinton, IN 47842

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